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Why use Personal Affiliations

Why use Personal Affiliations

Our studies show that people are more comfortable Exchanging their Home with people who are similarly aligned. That can mean they have similar life experiences, are of the similar background or are of similar generational age.

That is precisely why focuses on those who are 50+. We’ve found it’s a generational thing!

Yet, within this broad generational age group, there are subgroups that prefer to Exchange with others of the same subgroup. One such subgroup is work Affiliation. Here are the Affiliations you’ve asked us to create as subgroups.

  • Military – Active or Retired
  • Law Enforcement – Active or Retired
  • Educator – Active or Retired

If you have an Affiliation with either of these subgroups, you will enhance your ability for an Exchange with those who prefer to exchange with the same subgroup.

In all circumstances, exists for you to find likeminded Exchange Partners. We try to make it easy for other Members to find you and for you to find them!