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What criteria would I use to join an exchange website?

I began to ask myself, "What criteria would I use to join an exchange website?"

While looking at prospective websites, I really wanted something that met our circumstance and situation. "What were some of the major points I was looking for?". you may ask.

We wanted to exchange with older couples who were likely to be more flexible and open to exchange dates. We figured they would be, more or less, at the same stage of life as we were entering. Another issue for us was costs. We didn’t mind spending something, but we didn’t value services that sounded more like a timeshare where you acquire points or where they provided some form of concierge services. I wasn’t sure what a concierge service was or how it would work in the “Exchange” world. The point was, I didn’t think we needed such services nor would we want it! So, I stumble on an older website that focused on seniors. It was clearly an older website from a web design perspective.

“Boy”, I thought, “this is just what I think we are looking for. It’s a bit antiquated and clunky, but the right price and focused on the nearly retired or already retired population.”

That site was Senior Home Exchange! We signed up and the “Exchange” journey was underway.