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I want to do a home exchange!

“I want to do a home exchange!”, my wife said.

“What’s a home exchange”, I ask only half listening.

“It's where you exchange your home with another person, couple or family”


“Because it would be fun, a great adventure.”

So, I start to think of all the good reasons why I think it’s a BAD idea.

  1. I don’t want our personal information exposed to strangers.
  2. Why would I want strangers in my home?
  3. Who would want to come to Buffalo?"

… and the list went on and on in rapid fire fashion.

“Your positive attitude doesn’t surprise me,” she says sarcastically. “Humor me and just give it some thought."

“Ok." Ah, I thought... "Well played, my man. I don’t think you’ll hear about this again."

And, THAT (as they say) is how our journey to exchange our home with likeminded people began.