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After searching, sure enough, there are sites out there.

Sure enough, there are exchange sites out there. The problem was, there were not any that really fit what we are looking for. None fit what we liked about the old Senior Home Exchange.

“What were we looking for?” you might be asking.

Well, we wanted it to be focused on the active, older community that had flexibility to travel, sought adventure in exploring places they had not explored before, had reasons to travel to a locality for whatever personal reason and that they wanted to be part of a community of likeminded people.

Community and likeminded-ness are important to us.

Community, to us, meant people who value meeting & interacting with new people, have things in common and want to be part of something cool, different, interesting. Likeminded-ness, to us, meant people who see every opportunity they face as an adventure, practice the “Golden Rule” by taking care of someone else's property the way they take care of their own and embrace home exchanging as a lifestyle choice.

Essentially, we wanted Senior Home Exchange but with a technology upgrade. By that, I mean, we wanted better search functionality, the ability to upload pictures using modern cloud-based and smartphone technology, etc.

That was the only missing element to the old site. AND, it was very affordable!