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My wife was determined to get us back on the exchange track.

By 2017, my wife was determined to get us back on the exchange track.

One day she says, “Well, if we can’t find what we are looking for, why don’t we start a new website the way we want?”

Oh, BOY!

If you’ve been following Stories for very long, you know THAT is a generous “WE!”.

Translation – Why don’t YOU start a website for us that does everything we want and upgrade the technology so it works for our community of Members?”

I said, “You know, that is a very intriguing proposition. Why don’t we!”

Thus, our journey became the inspiration to design and build SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM.

We would do it in ways that other sites are not and do it the way we wanted it to be. And, of course, I was doing it for my wife.

Specifically, we wanted to create a community of likeminded people in ways that gave them the ability to travel cost-effectively. We wanted to significantly upgrade the website from a technological standpoint. AND, we wanted to do this for the long haul, making it sustainable and affordable for Members.

So, in 2018, we began development of SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM.

We look forward to providing you, our committed and trusted Member many years of fulfilled exchanges between a community of likeminded people who seek adventure through travel, enjoy meeting new people (possibly developing lasting friendships) and like the appeal of stretching their travel budget in ways not possible through traditional travel means. Our commitment to you, our faithful community of likeminded adventure seekers is to keep this site relevant and affordable.

AND, our commitment is to keep SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM going long after we are gone through the legacy of our son, a natural born entrepreneur with the same passion for community and affordable travel.