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Step #1 is deciding that exchanging is for you.

Step #1 is deciding that exchanging is for you.

Step #2 is deciding what you have to offer (or better, what your locality has to offer) to entice people to want to come to your area.

What kind of things does your area have that other areas don't?

What is your proximity to other areas (urban, wilderness, cultures, etc.) that make it worth visiting?

For example, we live in Western NY, which is to say near Buffalo. The name alone brings visions of massive winter snow storms that most of the rest of the country (and probably the world) see on newscasts.

Who wants to visit Buffalo?

Well, many people do not know we have an embarrassment of riches in terms of quality restaurants and cuisines. In upstate NY, there is the Culinary Institute of NY. Many young Buffalonians go there and come home to open some of the most interesting and exceptional restaurants that you would have trouble finding outside of NY City or San Francisco.

We have Niagara Falls, one of the Wonders of the World.

We have Toronto an hour and a half drive to the north. We are an hour flight to NY City, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. You can drive to either of those cities in seven hours or less. Western NY is nestled between two world-class wine districts;

  1. The Canadian Niagara Peninsula (world renown for their Riesling & Ice wines) that rival their older German Alsatian wine district, &
  2. The New York’s Finger Lakes region (producing wonderful varietals of Riesling, Sayval, etc.).

I could go on, but you get the point. It's about what your locality can offer visitors.