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What kind of Member is SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM designed for?

When we talk to people about the exchange concept, they ask us,"What kind of Member is SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM designed for?"

SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM appeals to people who are looking for value, are able to find exchange partners that have the same outlook on life and prefer to chart their own course in terms of determining where and when they want to exchange.

We prefer not to insert ourselves between one Member deciding to exchange with another Member. I guess you could say we are not micro managers! As a forum, SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM is designed to make it easy for Members to exchange as often as they want with as many likeminded people as they want without being “bothered, hounded or pushed” to exchange.

We are a community intent on helping Members locate potential exchange partners through Member initiated searches. You can take the time to look at as any and all Members one-by-one or you can do searches by locality. There are many different ways to search, like searching by zip code range, by state/province or by country. When one Member looks up another Member's information, important personal information is not divulged.

“What kind of personal information is omitted?”, you ask.

The Member's last name and email address are not available to other Members when they search for an Exchange partner. All initial communications are done via the SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM website through our InMail feature. If you’ve communicated using Craig’s List or LinkedIn, it operates very similar to those websites.

When a property is shown on the map, it does not show the actual address. It shows a close approximation of where the home is located (correct city, state/province, country) but not the exact address location.

We respect your privacy and the privacy of all Members. We do not divulge such information to other Members.

When you get to the point of wanting to exchange with another Member, you can then exchange your personal information and communicate directly via phone, email, Skype, Facetime, Facebook or whatever medium you and the otehr Member are comfortable with.