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What happened to the other Senior Home Exchange website?

Right about now, anyone following Stories is asking himself or herself the question, "If THIS is SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM, what happened to the other Senior Home Exchange website?"

Good question.

Let’s back up a few years.

By then, we had used the site to exchange with a number of other members and were ready to plan our next exchange.

We went to the website in 2016 and it was dark, dead, not there!

There was no explanation or anything. A bit of Internet searching and I find several discussion groups lamenting the fact Senior Home Exchange had gone dark and they were not happy about it. After much research and due diligence, I discover the website was owned by someone in Canada, near Toronto.

“Shame that”, I thought to no one in particular. Then I share the bad news with my wife.

Rarely deterred, she said, “Well I still want to exchange our home. Let’s look into the alternatives.”

Of course, the “let's” portion of her comment was code for, “You need to look into the alternatives for us!”

As any good soldier, I received my marching orders.