Stories About Deciding...

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Have you given it any more thought?

Months pass and, as we sit on the deck overlooking our back yard sipping a glass of wine, my wife asks the question all husbands dread being asked. “Have you given it any more thought?”

I panic!

And, I say to myself, “Given what more thought?”

Then in typical husbandly fashion, I murmur. “Un huh,” full well knowing I have no clue what she's talking about!

“Well then? What do you think?"

“I’m sorry. Think about what?"

“Ex — Chang — Ing our home with other people who want to do the same? “You are impossible! You said you’d give it some thought.”


Sheepishly, I admit, “Boy, I haven’t given it much (any) thought since our last conversation.”

Clearly exasperated and while moving on to another topic, she demands, “well, the next time I bring it up, I expect you to talk about the possibilities and NOT about why we can’t!” Ouch!