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One of the things to consider is where to exchange.

One of the things to consider is where to exchange.

Some people are looking for very specific places. The more adventurous are not so concerned with the specific locality as they are to just experiencing someplace different, new or someplace they haven’t been to in a long time.

In fact, you would be surprised to know many people are not looking for exotic locations as much as they are looking to get away and take in new experiences in new places.

One example comes to mind.

We exchanged with a lovely couple a few years back who lived in Kansas City. Actually, they had just moved back there from Arizona.

They had a property in a place called Green Valley, which is south of Tucson. They called us and asked if we had booked our summer trip yet. We said, “No.”

They said, “let’s exchange, but we would prefer you exchange with our place in Green Valley rather than Kansas City. We loved the idea, so we set our plans in motion to exchange.

We had so much fun hiking and playing golf.

Two weeks into the one-month exchange, they called us and asked how we like the area and the home we were staying at. We said we were having a ball!

The next question surprised us, though it shouldn’t have. They asked, would you like to buy the place!

We never saw it coming. In this case, we were not interested and with what we hoped was tact and grace declined their offer to place a bid.

That can happen when you own multiple properties and you want to have people experience the area in a rather clever marketing ploy. We were not offended and I do not think they were either.

SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM allows Members to list up to two active properties for exactly that reason. Our experience with our exchange partners led to us add a feature to SENIORHOMEXCHANGE.COM that allows Members to showcase their “other” property for exchange.