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Resolving Issues After an Exchange

Communicating After an Exchange

Once both Exchange Partners have arrived home, there may be issues that need to be resolved. These can fall into several categories.

  • Simple Questions – These do not impact either partner.
  • Minor or Major Issues – These directly involve the Exchange Partners.

If your Exchange Partner has a simple question, obviously you want to provide any information you can for them.

If it is a matter of a minor or major issue, it is best to make yourself available in a direct way via phone conversation or video conference to discuss the issue in detail. Having that personal contact can me instrumental to clear communication and help avoid misunderstandings.

Both Exchange Partners should be open to resolving the issue in the most equitable way possible given the circumstance.

There are two things at work here.

  • We should always want to practice the “Golden Rule”, asking how we would want the situation resolved if the roles were reversed.
  • You and your Exchange Partner can (and should) Rate each other After the Exchange. Any unsatisfactorily resolved issues can be raise in the review. Again, clarity and objectiveness should dictate your review of the situation.

In general, you should always report to your Exchange Partner any issues that arise During your Exchange and resolve them at that time. It will leave you both with the best possible Exchange experience.