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Extended Areas can mean many different things.

As mentioned in the previous Story, every Home Exchange you visit has an Extended Area worthy of exploring.

Extended Areas can mean many different things depending on the locality of your Home Exchange.

If you are visiting a densely populated locality like Baltimore, MD, your ability to explore Extended Areas can extend to other metropolitan areas like Washington DC, Philadelphia and even New York City. Taking advantage of visiting these localities depends on whether you plan to drive or take a train to these areas and, of course, the time you are spending at your Exchange Home.

If you are in the western US, there are greater distances between cities. So are other destinations like National Parks. Still, considering visiting such destinations can enhance your Exchange visit.

Again, your length of stay and mode of transportation will greatly determine your ability to explore the Extended Areas.

Whatever your interest and the locality you are visiting, consider learning more about the Extended Area. If you include them in your plans, your Exchange can be even more rewarding.