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Develop a Things-to-Do List shortly after you arrive.

Developing a Things-to-Do List shortly after you arrive sets you up for an enjoyable Home Exchange.

Why do I recommend you review your original plans and finalize your Things-to-Do List? Because you now have all the information necessary to take full advantage of your Home Exchange.

We learned the value of creating a Things-to-Do List from one of our Exchange Partners. They were from the west coast of the US and had never visited Montreal or Quebec City. Those cities are four and six hours, respectively, away from our Home.

We were Exchanging our Homes for a month. They planned to drive to those cities and stay a few days. As it turned out, they found many more things to do nearer to our Home and cancelled their side trip to Montreal & Quebec City.

When we asked why they didn’t make the trek, they said they were having so much fun around our Home locality that they didn’t feel the need to make the trip.

The moral of the Story? It’s important to have a Plan for your Exchange. AND, it’s important to review the Plan During your visit to fully enjoy your Exchange experience.

All those we’ve Exchanged with whole heartedly agree!