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Time-to-Go ™

Simple & Easy. FREE TRIAL without entering payment information, Monthly or Annual subscription plans. Exchange your home, not money.

TIME TO GO. Enter travel date ranges & our AI Technology matches other Members travel date ranges to yours.

InMail Messages. Search other Member’s properties & send internal messages to one or a group of Members.

List 2 Properties. List up to two properties (like your vacation home) at no additional cost.

Travel just got more affordable!  Home exchange - swap, save, live, experience, discover.  Home swapping saves money.

Looking for a fun, affordable and adventurous getaway? We have it all right here! Just select your date of travel and explore new places with like-minded travelers.

How Does It All Work?

Travelling was never this easy and fun! With Senior Home Exchange you get to select a location as per your preference. Notify partners via direct mail or group mail. Get packing go places!

Select Locations As Per Your Choice

It's TIME TO GO! Just pick your travel date and our AI Technology we will automatically update those matches. Select from our 10 different travel date range and have a gala time on your next trip.

Traveling Is Now A Cakewalk

People Are Saying...

Using Senior Home Exchange has made such a difference in my life with my wife. We can now travel where we want to without having the burden of expenses for lodging. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to explore the world and meet great people.

Michael McCarthy

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